How to Care for Your Outdoor Furniture

How to Care for Your Outdoor Furniture
How to Care for Your Outdoor Furniture

Warmer weather is finally arriving, which means it’s time to break out the outdoor patio furniture! Looking for something new for the backyard after a long winter? Or, wondering how to maintain your existing space? Easy Way has compiled the following steps to help keep your furniture looking fresh, season after season.

Do Your Research Before You Buy

Choose products with fade-resistant and mildew-resistant fabrics

Many fabrics come with UV hours or warranties; consider how many hours you will get out of our cushions before they begin to fade. For sunnier climates, choose fabrics with higher UV hours or a solution-dyed acrylic fabric that resists fading. Water-resistant and mildew-resistant fabrics will ensure a quick dry time, and cushions will look and feel great even after a summer storm.

foam fill
Reticulated foam fill

Choose water-resistant or quick-drying cushion fills

There’s nothing worse than getting ready to relax, only to have water gush out of your cushions as soon as you sit down! SMS, a special non-woven water-resistant fabric, is used by Easy Way to encase cushion fills. This creates a barrier and prevents moisture from penetrating the cushion fill. Another option is reticulated foam with mesh bottoms. Reticulated foam helps cushions dry faster and stand up to wear and tear longer than a poly fill. The foam is porous, so it will not absorb moisture. Water will flow straight through for a quicker drying time.

Easy Way uses both piece-dyed and solution-dyed polyester and acrylic fabrics. We recommend using solution-dyed fabrics for the best performance and longevity outdoors. Solution-dyed fabrics are created by adding pigment before the material is even spun into a fiber, so the color will last much longer without fading. We also recommend and use a high resiliency foam—either reticulated or standard—with an SMS wrap.

furniture coversUse Furniture Covers or Cushion Storage Bags to Protect Cushions and Frames from the Elements

  • Make sure cushions and frames are clean and dry before covering for the winter to avoid mildew.
  • Cushions can be left on the frame when covered!
  • Be sure to use included tenting devices underneath covers to prevent water from pooling on the covers’ surfaces.

Easy Way creates both custom and generic furniture covers, umbrella covers, and cushion storage bags, ensuring there’s a protective solution for any outdoor space. Our unique buckles-and-webbing closure system keeps covers secured to the frame even during windy days.

outdoor itemsKnow Your Materials

  • Unprotected wood will change color. For example, teak naturally weathers over time from a golden brown to a grey patina. While this is normal, you can use a seal to keep the original honey color, or use furniture covers to prevent weathering.
  • Look for furniture frames made of high-quality material that will resist rust and mold, and general wear and tear.
  • Read and follow the care instructions for your outdoor fabrics. Most can be spot cleaned with mild soap and water when necessary.


Easy Way’s design team works with retailers to create custom cushions, pillows, umbrellas and furniture covers that will last for many summers to come. Contact us to learn more!