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Choosing Outdoor Furniture for Your Space

Choosing Outdoor Furniture for Your Space
Choosing Outdoor Furniture for Your Space

Choosing the right furniture pieces for your outdoor space can sometimes seem like a daunting task. With so many options, it may be hard to know where to begin. Here are a few design tips to help get you started.

Large Spaces

Large spaces can be laid out to feature different “areas,” helping you use the space to its maximum potential:

  • Place outdoor dining pieces by the grill.
  • Lounge chairs and sofas can be placed in a shady conversation area.
  • Add umbrellas to any areas where sun protection is desired. With so many colors and edge treatments available, finding a coordinating canopy is a breeze.
  • Chaises and daybeds make for ideal after-swim lounging. Since outdoor performance fabrics are often bleach safe, you can relax straight out of the chlorine pool, worry-free!

Use accent pieces or common colors to tie the individual areas together. Decorative pillows, outdoor drapes, and other accessories can go a long way to unify a space, even if it is spread out across several areas. Try matching your dining seat cushions to your sofa throw pillows for an easy touch of continuity.

Small Spaces

With millennials continuing to pass up owning a home and staying in urban areas, small-space design is seeing a surge. Many retailers sell “patio” or “petite” furniture, perfect for smaller balconies and apartment living. Another easy way to accommodate a small space is to go with a modular set. Any combination of pieces can be bought, meaning it can be customized to your unique taste and space.

Outdoor floor pillows, bean bags, and poufs can all be used to add color and personality, while offering seating that is easy to store when not in use. These pieces can also double as accent tables.

DIY Spaces

Do-it-yourselfers can now outfit any outdoor project with cushions, thanks to Easy Way’s custom line. Bench style seating, lounges, dining chair pads, adirondacks, pillows, drapes, and more are available in custom sizes that will turn any DIY project into the perfect outdoor space. With dozens of fabrics to choose from, a truly one-of-a-kind design awaits. Easy Way also exclusively carries Eddie Bauer custom cushions, so you can have all the style and longevity you’d expect from this iconic brand—made to fit any space.

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Protect Your Investment

Outdoor spaces both large and small experience inclement weather, which is why Easy Way produces furniture covers and cushion storage bags for a huge variety of outdoor frames. Our covers are designed to keep furniture protected and dry, ensuring furniture will look like new for seasons to come. Purchase a custom daybed cover to protect it from rain and water, or zip together modular furniture covers to ensure any configuration is safe from cold temperatures.