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Guiding Easy Way’s Future

Guiding Easy Way’s Future
Guiding Easy Way’s Future

As with any company, Easy Way’s mission, vision and values serve as the defining messages of our company. We call them our Guiding Principles, and they help us communicate—internally and externally—the story of who we are now and who we want to be in the future.

In 2015, we first shared these Guiding Principles in a blog post. Since then, we’ve grown and changed a bit—we have continued to leverage our competitive advantages through the expansion of new facilities, addition of new team members to our Easy Way Family, and our continuous efforts to increase our capacity and refine our processes.

For the most part, those original Guiding Principles still tell the Easy Way story. But the time has come to make a few changes that better reflect the path we’ve set for our future. We’re excited about where we’re headed, and equally excited to share our updated mission, vision and values with you:

Our Vision

To be the PREMIER PROVIDER of high-performance lifestyle furnishings.

Our Mission

We create value by leveraging our DISTINCT COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES, empowering our employees and our absolute commitment to quality and leadership.

Distinct Competitive Advantages

  • Unique Manufacturing Model (Speed, Cost, Quality, Mass Customization, Inventory Risk Management)
  • People
  • Sourcing
  • Customer Relationships
  • Expertise

Our Values

  • Integrity: We are open, honest and fair
  • Teamwork: We achieve excellence together
  • Passion: We do what we love and love what we do
  • Creativity: We foster innovation and think outside the box
  • Accountability: We train and empower employees to accept responsibility for results
  • Empathy: We understand and respect the feelings of others
  • Safety: We ensure a physically and emotionally safe work environment
  • Social Responsibility: We contribute to the welfare of our society and environment

We believe that these updates accurately define our purpose and passion, our commitment to the success of our customers, and what makes Easy Way a unique company to work with and for.

Choosing Outdoor Furniture for Your Space

Choosing Outdoor Furniture for Your Space
Choosing Outdoor Furniture for Your Space

Choosing the right furniture pieces for your outdoor space can sometimes seem like a daunting task. With so many options, it may be hard to know where to begin. Here are a few design tips to help get you started.

Large Spaces

Large spaces can be laid out to feature different “areas,” helping you use the space to its maximum potential:

  • Place outdoor dining pieces by the grill.
  • Lounge chairs and sofas can be placed in a shady conversation area.
  • Add umbrellas to any areas where sun protection is desired. With so many colors and edge treatments available, finding a coordinating canopy is a breeze.
  • Chaises and daybeds make for ideal after-swim lounging. Since outdoor performance fabrics are often bleach safe, you can relax straight out of the chlorine pool, worry-free!

Use accent pieces or common colors to tie the individual areas together. Decorative pillows, outdoor drapes, and other accessories can go a long way to unify a space, even if it is spread out across several areas. Try matching your dining seat cushions to your sofa throw pillows for an easy touch of continuity.

Small Spaces

With millennials continuing to pass up owning a home and staying in urban areas, small-space design is seeing a surge. Many retailers sell “patio” or “petite” furniture, perfect for smaller balconies and apartment living. Another easy way to accommodate a small space is to go with a modular set. Any combination of pieces can be bought, meaning it can be customized to your unique taste and space.

Outdoor floor pillows, bean bags, and poufs can all be used to add color and personality, while offering seating that is easy to store when not in use. These pieces can also double as accent tables.

DIY Spaces

Do-it-yourselfers can now outfit any outdoor project with cushions, thanks to Easy Way’s custom line. Bench style seating, lounges, dining chair pads, adirondacks, pillows, drapes, and more are available in custom sizes that will turn any DIY project into the perfect outdoor space. With dozens of fabrics to choose from, a truly one-of-a-kind design awaits. Easy Way also exclusively carries Eddie Bauer custom cushions, so you can have all the style and longevity you’d expect from this iconic brand—made to fit any space.

large space
small space
diy space

Protect Your Investment

Outdoor spaces both large and small experience inclement weather, which is why Easy Way produces furniture covers and cushion storage bags for a huge variety of outdoor frames. Our covers are designed to keep furniture protected and dry, ensuring furniture will look like new for seasons to come. Purchase a custom daybed cover to protect it from rain and water, or zip together modular furniture covers to ensure any configuration is safe from cold temperatures.

How to Care for Your Outdoor Furniture

How to Care for Your Outdoor Furniture
How to Care for Your Outdoor Furniture

Warmer weather is finally arriving, which means it’s time to break out the outdoor patio furniture! Looking for something new for the backyard after a long winter? Or, wondering how to maintain your existing space? Easy Way has compiled the following steps to help keep your furniture looking fresh, season after season.

Do Your Research Before You Buy

Choose products with fade-resistant and mildew-resistant fabrics

Many fabrics come with UV hours or warranties; consider how many hours you will get out of our cushions before they begin to fade. For sunnier climates, choose fabrics with higher UV hours or a solution-dyed acrylic fabric that resists fading. Water-resistant and mildew-resistant fabrics will ensure a quick dry time, and cushions will look and feel great even after a summer storm.

foam fill
Reticulated foam fill

Choose water-resistant or quick-drying cushion fills

There’s nothing worse than getting ready to relax, only to have water gush out of your cushions as soon as you sit down! SMS, a special non-woven water-resistant fabric, is used by Easy Way to encase cushion fills. This creates a barrier and prevents moisture from penetrating the cushion fill. Another option is reticulated foam with mesh bottoms. Reticulated foam helps cushions dry faster and stand up to wear and tear longer than a poly fill. The foam is porous, so it will not absorb moisture. Water will flow straight through for a quicker drying time.

Easy Way uses both piece-dyed and solution-dyed polyester and acrylic fabrics. We recommend using solution-dyed fabrics for the best performance and longevity outdoors. Solution-dyed fabrics are created by adding pigment before the material is even spun into a fiber, so the color will last much longer without fading. We also recommend and use a high resiliency foam—either reticulated or standard—with an SMS wrap.

furniture coversUse Furniture Covers or Cushion Storage Bags to Protect Cushions and Frames from the Elements

  • Make sure cushions and frames are clean and dry before covering for the winter to avoid mildew.
  • Cushions can be left on the frame when covered!
  • Be sure to use included tenting devices underneath covers to prevent water from pooling on the covers’ surfaces.

Easy Way creates both custom and generic furniture covers, umbrella covers, and cushion storage bags, ensuring there’s a protective solution for any outdoor space. Our unique buckles-and-webbing closure system keeps covers secured to the frame even during windy days.

outdoor itemsKnow Your Materials

  • Unprotected wood will change color. For example, teak naturally weathers over time from a golden brown to a grey patina. While this is normal, you can use a seal to keep the original honey color, or use furniture covers to prevent weathering.
  • Look for furniture frames made of high-quality material that will resist rust and mold, and general wear and tear.
  • Read and follow the care instructions for your outdoor fabrics. Most can be spot cleaned with mild soap and water when necessary.


Easy Way’s design team works with retailers to create custom cushions, pillows, umbrellas and furniture covers that will last for many summers to come. Contact us to learn more!

Living It Up with Pantone’s Color of the Year

Living It Up with Pantone’s Color of the Year
Living It Up with Pantone’s Color of the Year

Pantone describes their 2019 Color of the Year, Living Coral, as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.”

coral pillowBut what does this mean for outdoor furnishings?

Corals, pinks, and bright colors have long been popular in the outdoor market, as they can easily pack a punch in both small and large spaces. Whether it’s used in an umbrella canopy to keep the elements at bay or on throw pillows to bring new life to some older furniture frames, this invigorating hue can do it all! It’s attention-getting, drawing the eye to whatever piece it adorns. It’s warm and tropical, evoking images of a perfect sunset on the beach. It’s joyful, making any space feel instantly more fun.

Pantone created the series of palettes below to help you create the perfect color story using Living Coral:

Focal Point

focal point

Shimmering Sunset

Shimmering Sunset




Under the Sea

living coral

Try Living Coral with rusty browns, dark olive tones, and warm neutrals for a pop of color without being overbearing. Or, pair it with bright pinks and oranges for a truly energetic look!

Easy Way Products can work with you to design cushions, pillows, umbrellas and more in this beautifully vibrant color. Contact us today!

However you choose to use Living Coral in your outdoor collections, we’re sure it will be popular for many years to come.

Hang It Up: Designing with Drapes

Hang It Up: Designing with Drapes
Hang It Up: Designing with Drapes

Drapes do more than just block out light. They also add color, texture and style, helping to create a more polished and finished look for any space—indoors or out.

Why Outdoor Drapes?

Outdoor drapes can provide privacy in open spaces like patios and gazebos, as well as offering some protection and relief from the sun and heat. Outdoor performance fabrics—including Sunbrella by Glen Raven and Inside Out by Valdese—are fade-resistant, making them perfect for either indoor or outdoor use.

Style Formal/
Notes Example
(our most popular style)
Informal Modern Perfect for outdoor use,
but popular both inside and out.
A more modern choice. The
grommets' finish can add to the
look, whether they are brass,
silver or black (talk to our Supply
Chain team about sourcing options!).
Rod Pocket Informal Either Can be dressed up or down depending
on fabric choice and embellishments.
An easy, accessible choice due to its
ease of use; no hooks or attachments,
just slide it through.
Tab Top Either Either Can be dressed up or down depending
on fabric choice and embellishments
French Pleat
(also known as
Pinch Pleat) 
Formal Classic

A more formal, classic style,
typically used indoors to create a
high end, refined environment.

Hidden Tab Either Either

Can be dressed up or down depending
on fabric choice and embellishments.
A more formal choice than standard
tab top, the fabric tabs are hidden
from view.

Drape Embellishments/Treatments

We understand little details can make all the difference.

Drapes can be finished with a tassel or pom-pom fringe around the perimeter, or we can add a patterned fabric just on the edges to create an eye-catching trim detail.

We can also create a color block or two-tone look on a drape by sewing a different-colored fabric panel on the bottom half.


Easy Way works with countless fabrics to create looks that will complement your product lines. Here are some of our most popular patterns and colors:


Learn More

Find out more about Easy Way’s drape manufacturing options and capabilities in our drapes fact sheet.

Easy Way Gives Back

Easy Way Gives Back
Easy Way Gives Back

Giving back to our community is one way that we at Easy Way Products uphold our company values of integrity, accountability and unity. In 2017, Easy Way associates gave their time, talent and money to several different charitable endeavors.

United Way—Cincinnati, OH

The Easy Way Cincinnati office made 40 no-sew fleece blankets for Santa Maria Community Services, an Agency Partner of United Way of Greater Cincinnati. These blankets were distributed to the children in the after-school program, as well as to new mothers and their babies. Santa Maria was founded by the Sisters of Charity to help Italian immigrants in Cincinnati with housing, education and employment. Today, they continue this work with children, new mothers and families throughout the west side of Cincinnati.

United Way Blankets

Casa Hogar Del Niño—Matamoros, MX

Associates from Easy Way’s Cincinnati, Brownsville and Matamoros locations gave to Casa Hogar del Niño, the local orphanage in Matamoros, Mexico. The Cincinnati office had a 2 week “Coin War” in which the office was split into 4 teams. A portion of the funds raised went to buy Christmas gifts for the children. The Brownsville office and Matamoros locations also donated gifts, and the Matamoros team wrapped all gifts and delivered them to the children. The Matamoros team also made piñatas, candy bags and cupcakes to share with the children during their visit, and some of the team sang Christmas carols with the children. Casa Hogar del Niño houses children ranging from newborns to 18-year-olds who are either orphaned or cannot live with their families. Their goal is to provide rehabilitation, security, and the skills to live a social, productive and happy life.

Casa Hogar

Nursing Home—Matamoros, MX

The Matamoros team regularly visits their local nursing home, spending time with the residents and making donations throughout the year. The Matamoros team donated and shared a meal with the residents, while the Cincinnati team donated blankets, socks and lotion. The nursing home is run through local community donations, and provides care for those who do not have the support of their families.

Nursing Home

Low-Income Family Holiday Party—Matamoros, MX

The Matamoros team attended a holiday party hosted by a local church to help low-income families through the holiday season. The team brought donations for the food pantry, and shared gifts for the children that were donated by the Cincinnati and Brownsville teams.

Holiday Party

Hospital Visits—Matamoros, MX

The Matamoros team spent an afternoon with children at two different local hospitals. They spent time playing with the children who were there to receive treatment. In addition, the team delivered toys to children waiting for treatment as well as to those with family members in the hospital for treatment.

Hospital Visits

Ultra Violet: Pantone’s Ultra Contemporary Color of the Year

Ultra Violet: Pantone’s Ultra Contemporary Color of the Year
Ultra Violet: Pantone’s Ultra Contemporary Color of the Year

At first glance, Ultra Violet—Pantone’s choice for Color of the Year for 2018—may not seem like the most versatile of colors—but this jammy jewel tone is surprisingly multifaceted. Described by the Pantone Color Institute as “a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade,” Ultra Violet “communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us to the future.”

With a mix of warm and cool tones, Ultra Violet finds a home in an array of palettes. Depending on which colors it’s paired with, it can create a drastically different mood. In its tools for designers, Pantone suggests experimenting with the following color sets, each of which evokes a unique feeling:


“Exploding with zest and energy, this palette of pure, unadulterated color which screams “look at me” comes together to create a bold statement with feelings of excitement and high voltage effects.”



“Emulating a desert sunset, this is a dramatic palette of brilliantly heightened warm shades that radiate resplendently across the early evening sky.”



“An unusual combination of show-stopping saturated color with rich and elegant earth tones creates an adventurous mood full of excitement and drama.”


“Invoking a sense of mystery, a palette of nature’s blues and greens, combined with the unconventional Ultra Violet and a Silver and Pale Gold metallic, exudes a quiet strength.”


“Inspired by the colors we see in our surroundings, a combination of soft and sweet pastels with an enchanting Ultra Violet and a deep, dark navy Astral Aura conjures up a summer garden in full bloom.”


“Sitting side by side on the color wheel, this palette of like-minded hues with their spirited good humor and playful exuberance makes for easy and engaging color mixes.”


“Embodying calmness, a palette of hazy and smoky hues effortlessly commingle to create subtle blends and harmonies that are both timeless and time-honored.”


“Soft and warm, a subtle palette of natural and organic shades accented by a Frosted Almond metallic evokes reassurance and conveys a sense of calm and quiet.”

It even pairs well with Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery!

Outdoor Decorating with Ultra Violet

While going all-in on Ultra Violet can overwhelm your outdoor space, using it as an accent or as a focal point can complement any patio, garden or deck. From cushions and pillows to umbrellas and drapery, there is ample opportunity to incorporate Ultra Violet into any outdoor décor.

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk
Pillow Talk

As stylish as they are functional, pillows are the perfect addition to any décor. And thanks to the growing capabilities of outdoor performance fabrics, almost anything you can imagine for indoor pillows can be brought into the world of outdoor pillows, too. Add our design expertise to the mix, and you’re sure to end up with pillows that are guaranteed to please.

Take a look at some of the things that are possible with pillows.

Pillow Shapes

Making pillows available in a variety of shapes allows your customers to mix and match to create a custom look for indoor and outdoor spaces. Our most popular shapes include:


Edge Treatments and Embellishments

We can utilize a variety of edge treatments to give pillows more visual interest:

  • Knife edge pillows have a simple look.
  • Box edges not only provide more depth, but also more space for design, as the fabric used on the sides can match or contrast the fabric used on the top and bottom.
  • Flange edges can be used to add a more decorative flair to a pillow.
  • Piping or welting in a matching fabric adds a subtle yet polished feel, while contrasting piping creates more impact.
  • Adding fringe, pom poms, tassels or cording can provide a fun and funky finish.
Assorted knife edge, piped and corded pillows by Easy Way for Wayfair
Assorted knife edge, piped and corded pillows by Easy Way for Wayfair

Designing with Fabric

Fabric patterns obviously have a role in pillow design, but with our expert cutting and sewing capabilities, the placement of the fabric on the pillow can be a design choice in and of itself. For example:

fabric pillow
By aligning a patterned fabric horizontally and vertically, we can create a focal point where the motif is perfectly placed in the center of each pillow.
We can use different pinning and sewing techniques to create textured patterns with pleats.
We can also create border and stripe effects using panels of different fabric.

Fill and Closures

Polyester fill for pillows (also known as “blow fill”) is fluffy, airy, and composed of strands of polyester that are mere millimeters long. This gives cushions the plushness that customers desire. Key characteristics of blow fill are:

  • Denier, or the thickness of the fiber (the thinner the fiber, the softer and more down-like the feel—also, a smaller denier requires more blow fill to fill a pillow)
  • Fiber length
  • Number of crimps in the fiber, which corresponds to the resiliency of the fill

Easy Way stocks several different deniers and lengths, as well as recycled blow fill options that are more price conscious.

Pillows typically either have a zipper or are sewn closed. The advantage of a zipper include the ability to remove the fabric casing for cleaning, or to mix and match fabric casings.

For pillows with a zipper, we encase the blow fill in a waterproof material that is sewn closed, which allows for easy removal of the outer fabric casing. This material also creates an extra barrier of protection from water and other elements, meaning the pillow will dry quicker.

Working Together

Our expert design team will work with you every step of the way, from initial creative concepting to fabric selection to full manufacturing fulfillment to ensure every pillow meets your specifications. You can learn more about our design services, fabric management system and flexible manufacturing processes here, or contact us to get your next project started!

Factors in Fabric Selection

Factors in Fabric Selection
Factors in Fabric Selection

Selecting the fabric for a textile product involves more than just picking a swatch out of a book.

In our latest white paper, Esthetic Matters: Important Factors in Fabric Selection, we discuss three key factors that must be considered to ensure the success of your finished product:

  1. The type of textile
  2. The size of the finished product
  3. The fabric treatment

Combined, these elements affect how the fabric panels are cut for sewing and the amount of yardage needed to create the finished product.

Textile Types

Stripes and other patterns present a variety of potential design challenges, such as whether the pattern runs the width of the roll (railroaded) or the length of it (non-railroaded). Certain solid fabrics, such as velvet, can also have textural qualities that need to be taken into consideration when cutting and sewing the fabric panels.

Product Size

The dimensions of your product should be evaluated carefully to ensure the best and most cost-effective fabric yield. Special consideration should be given to finished products that are wider or narrower than the standard fabric width.

patterned fabric

Fabric Treatment

The construction of the finished good and the item’s specific cut patterns will depend heavily on both the fabric type and the product size. The cut direction of other details like boxing and zipper panels should also be considered for the best possible finished piece.

Learn More

To learn more about the impact these factors can have on your finished product, download our white paper. And as always, if we can assist you with your design or provide guidance on fabric choices, don’t hesitate to contact us!

When It Rains, It Pours: White Paper Explores Water Resistance

When It Rains, It Pours: White Paper Explores Water Resistance
When It Rains, It Pours: White Paper Explores Water Resistance

Outdoor fabrics are, by design, built to withstand a variety of weather conditions. But when it comes to balancing durability and comfort, not all outdoor fabrics are created equal.

Take, for example, water resistance.

A waterproof, vinyl-coated fabric may sound like the ideal choice for outdoor furniture and furniture covers. However, completely waterproof fabrics don’t breathe, which creates problems if moisture gets trapped on the inside. In cushions and pillows, mold and mildew can build up in the fill material. In covers, moisture can ruin finishes, rust metal and rot wood. The right combination of breathability and water resistance are key. Depending on the desired outcome, additional factors like water vapor permeability and wickability may play a role, too.


In our latest white paper, we explore the science behind water resistant and waterproof fabrics so you can:

  • Understand the terminology
  • Know which factors are involved in making a fabric waterproof
    and breathable
  • Evaluate the moisture resistance indicated by various waterproof ratings


While Easy Way’s cushion manufacturing options include premium outdoor foam fill and an additional layer of water-resistant material (SMS) for extra moisture protection, we recommend that all outdoor furniture be protected with furniture covers when not in use.

Our wide variety of furniture cover styles are available in two fits:

  • Universal furniture covers that will work with most furniture lines
  • Custom outdoor furniture covers that are tailored to your specifications for a better fit that offers more protection from the elements

We also offer three fabric options let you choose the level of UV protection and water resistance that best meets your needs.

You can read more about water resistance and our various furniture cover options in our white paper.

Download the white paper