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The Battle of the Fill Materials: Foam Vs. Fiber

The Battle of the Fill Materials: Foam Vs. Fiber
The Battle of the Fill Materials: Foam Vs. Fiber

When it comes to fill material for outdoor cushioning, polyurethane foam and polyester fiber are the big players. But the variety that exists within those two categories sometimes makes it difficult to determine which is best for an application. In our latest white paper, we set out to explore the ins and outs of foam and fiber as fill material.

“With a technical community that continues to innovate, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate which innovations create real value in terms of performance and customer experience and which are just enhanced marketing.”


“When finally comparing polyurethane foam versus polyester fiber applications, particularly for outdoor use, note that it is possible to create a high-performing and durable product using either.”

Both fill materials have their pros and cons when it comes to outdoor use. Our white paper gives each its figurative day in the sun—we discuss:

  • Key parameters in choosing polyurethane foam
  • Common foam types, including standard, high resiliency, reticulated and viscoelastic memory
  • New foam trends, such as cool touch and eco foams
  • Key parameters in choosing polyester fiber
  • Common fiber finishes, including blown polyester and thermal bonded batted polyester


“Understanding the market, environment and customer expectations is critical to wading through the plethora of options available.”

Even seasoned outdoor furniture manufacturers can find it difficult to choose between foam and fiber for their furniture lines. Our white paper includes a fill material decision matrix to help our customers weigh factors such as moisture and microbial resistance, durability and cost. And of course, we’re always available to work with you to select the ideal fill material for a given application. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions!


Click here or on the image to download your complimentary “Foam or Fill” white paper today!

Foam vs. Fiber