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New Manufacturing Facility Open & Operational

New Manufacturing Facility Open & Operational
New Manufacturing Facility Open & Operational

On October 24th, Easy Way kicked off operations in their new, larger manufacturing facility in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. The new building has been completely refurbished, and includes additional restrooms, upgraded air conditioning systems and new equipment, plus upgraded lighting, flooring and cafeteria facilities.

The move offers a number of benefits for the company, our associates and the customers we serve, and is the exciting culmination of an investment that began in early April.

An Investment in Operations

The new facility has 20,000 more square feet than our previous manufacturing facility, giving us the space required to vertically integrate key parts of our supply chain. Additionally, the flow of parts and materials has been designed to eliminate or reduce waste.

An Investment in Corporate Culture

The move helped us to secure major medium- and long-term benefits for our associates. The facility features a dedicated training room that can be used for new employee orientation and a variety of ongoing employee education, health and safety programs.

An Investment in Customer Service

The larger space and upgraded equipment provide value-added elements for our customers, such as reduced lead times and greater responsiveness, and more flexibility to meet your needs.

Easy Way is committed to being the premier provider of high-performance lifestyle furnishings by anticipating and exceeding our customers’ expectations. This new building affords us even more opportunities to do that.

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