Lending a Custom Feel to Mass Produced Outdoor Furniture

Lending a Custom Feel to Mass Produced Outdoor Furniture
Lending a Custom Feel to Mass Produced Outdoor Furniture

On the subject of customizing the Model T, Henry Ford—the father of mass production—is credited with saying, “You can have it in any color you want, as long as it is black.”

Mass production—whether it’s of cars or outdoor furnishings—has advantages for manufacturers and customers alike: manufacturers can amass more inventory in a shorter period of time and with lower labor costs, while customers benefit by being able to walk into a store and quickly purchase affordable items. But in a time when buzzwords like “artisanal,” “local,” “salvaged” and “DIY” abound, the phrase “mass produced” gets a bad rap.

How can you satisfy your customers’ desire for outdoor furnishings that have a custom, unique feel without negatively affecting your bottom line? You can pay attention to the details.

Attention to detail at every level of the process is key to making mass-produced outdoor furnishings feel custom:

  • During the design phase, incorporating “hand-made” elements into the item enhances the feeling of craftsmanship. We can help accomplish this by adding details such as top-stitching, buttons or tufting.
  • During production, your choice of materials can add authenticity (think natural or reclaimed—bonus points for locally sourced), while different finishes and textures can create a homespun, small batch feeling.
  • For a final touch, our outdoor cushions and outdoor pillows are manufactured to your exact specifications—with hundreds of patterns and colors, as well as numerous trim and embellishment options, it’s easy to help your customers create a distinctive look.

Ready to get started? Easy Way’s experienced designers will work alongside your product developers to produce outdoor furniture with a unique, truly custom feel.

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