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Factors in Fabric Selection

Factors in Fabric Selection
Factors in Fabric Selection

Selecting the fabric for a textile product involves more than just picking a swatch out of a book.

In our latest white paper, Esthetic Matters: Important Factors in Fabric Selection, we discuss three key factors that must be considered to ensure the success of your finished product:

  1. The type of textile
  2. The size of the finished product
  3. The fabric treatment

Combined, these elements affect how the fabric panels are cut for sewing and the amount of yardage needed to create the finished product.

Textile Types

Stripes and other patterns present a variety of potential design challenges, such as whether the pattern runs the width of the roll (railroaded) or the length of it (non-railroaded). Certain solid fabrics, such as velvet, can also have textural qualities that need to be taken into consideration when cutting and sewing the fabric panels.

Product Size

The dimensions of your product should be evaluated carefully to ensure the best and most cost-effective fabric yield. Special consideration should be given to finished products that are wider or narrower than the standard fabric width.

patterned fabric

Fabric Treatment

The construction of the finished good and the item’s specific cut patterns will depend heavily on both the fabric type and the product size. The cut direction of other details like boxing and zipper panels should also be considered for the best possible finished piece.

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To learn more about the impact these factors can have on your finished product, download our white paper. And as always, if we can assist you with your design or provide guidance on fabric choices, don’t hesitate to contact us!