Our Services

Easy Way Products has decades of experience working with a myriad of outdoor and indoor furniture products. Our team of inspired designers, combined with our access to state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and overseas partners, enable Easy Way to develop and manufacture the most innovative and beautiful designs that meet consumers' unique specifications.

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Product Design

Inspired by the forefront of fashion, our designers and Creative Directors combine decades of experience with a youthful design curiosity necessary to keep up with modern trends and styles. From initial creative concepting to full manufacturing fulfillment, our design team can work alongside your outdoor furniture product developers to produce a new, innovative product that will exceed your expectations and business goals.

Fabric Management

Our proprietary fabric inventory management techniques leverage customer-supplied forecasts and current usage data to determine the appropriate amount of fabric and purchase timing. Seasonality is a critical factor, and our processes ensure that our customers don't miss out on sales during the short outdoor season due to fabric shortages.

Flexible Manufacturing

Due to our long-term partnerships with overseas manufacturers and our access to modern manufacturing equipment, we're uniquely positioned to manage complex orders of any scale or volume. With our innovative processes and extensive management capacity, we can deliver on projects both small and large with the quality and timeliness our customers rely on. If you have flexible timing and tight budgets, we can also scale our development to provide lower cost options along a longer timeframe. In addition, our state-of-the-art supply chain management techniques help us to achieve maximum logistical efficiencies and cost savings through multiple strategically located production facilities and advanced drop shipping capabilities.