The Ups and Downs of Zippers

The Ups and Downs of Zippers

From its humble beginnings as an alternative to clothing buttons to its ubiquitous usage in so many of the items we use every day, the history of the zipper is anything but boring.

orange zipper

In our latest white paper, Supply Chain Manager Kelly Lucas-Cilley digs into the backstory of this toothy closure, examines its components, and discusses its applicability to the design and manufacturing of cushions and pillows.

Among the highlights:

  • It took 66 years, three inventors and five patents to develop the fastener we recognize today as the zipper.
  • The name “zipper” is an onomatopoeia. It was coined by B.F. Goodrich in 1923 to mimic the sound the slider makes when moving up and down the teeth.
  • There are six different zipper strength tests, each of which test a different facet of its construction.
  • Easy Way can source any color or style of zipper required for a project.

Download the white paper here, and contact an Easy Way design expert to discuss the benefits of adding a zipper to your next cushion or pillow project.

zipper patent

Gideon Sundback's 1917 patent for the "Separable Fastener."