Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

As stylish as they are functional, pillows are the perfect addition to any décor. And thanks to the growing capabilities of outdoor performance fabrics, almost anything you can imagine for indoor pillows can be brought into the world of outdoor pillows, too. Add our design expertise to the mix, and you’re sure to end up with pillows that are guaranteed to please.

Take a look at some of the things that are possible with pillows.


Pillow Shapes

Making pillows available in a variety of shapes allows your customers to mix and match to create a custom look for indoor and outdoor spaces. Our most popular shapes include:












Edge Treatments and Embellishments

Assorted knife edge, piped and corded pillows
by Easy Way for Wayfair

We can utilize a variety of edge treatments to give pillows more visual interest:

  • Knife edge pillows have a simple look.
  • Box edges not only provide more depth, but also more space for design, as the fabric used on the sides can match or contrast the fabric used on the top and bottom.
  • Flange edges can be used to add a more decorative flair to a pillow.
  • Piping or welting in a matching fabric adds a subtle yet polished feel, while contrasting piping creates more impact.
  • Adding fringe, pom poms, tassels or cording can provide a fun and funky finish.


Designing with Fabric

Fabric patterns obviously have a role in pillow design, but with our expert cutting and sewing capabilities, the placement of the fabric on the pillow can be a design choice in and of itself. For example:

By aligning a patterned fabric
horizontally and vertically, we can
create a focal point where the motif is perfectly placed in the center of each pillow.

We can use different pinning and sewing techniques to create textured patterns with pleats.

We can also create border and stripe effects using panels of different fabric.









Fill and Closures

Polyester fill for pillows (also known as “blow fill”) is fluffy, airy, and composed of strands of polyester that are mere millimeters long. This gives cushions the plushness that customers desire. Key characteristics of blow fill are:

  • Denier, or the thickness of the fiber (the thinner the fiber, the softer and more down-like the feel—also, a smaller denier requires more blow fill to fill a pillow)
  • Fiber length
  • Number of crimps in the fiber, which corresponds to the resiliency of the fill

Easy Way stocks several different deniers and lengths, as well as recycled blow fill options that are more price conscious.

Pillows typically either have a zipper or are sewn closed. The advantage of a zipper include the ability to remove the fabric casing for cleaning, or to mix and match fabric casings.

For pillows with a zipper, we encase the blow fill in a waterproof material that is sewn closed, which allows for easy removal of the outer fabric casing. This material also creates an extra barrier of protection from water and other elements, meaning the pillow will dry quicker.


Working Together

Our expert design team will work with you every step of the way, from initial creative concepting to fabric selection to full manufacturing fulfillment to ensure every pillow meets your specifications. You can learn more about our design services, fabric management system and flexible manufacturing processes here, or contact us to get your next project started!