Monogramming Provides a Custom Touch

Monogramming Provides a Custom Touch

In March, we wrote a post about various ways to make mass-produced outdoor furniture feel more customized: creating a home-spun feeling with fabric choices, incorporating “hand-made” elements such as buttons or tufting, and adding unique embellishments and trims for a personalized look.

Of all the customization services we offer, none imparts a more personal touch than monogramming.


Customize with Monograms

Monogramming originated in ancient Greece, where it was used on coins—two-letter marks pressed into the coins identified the cities that issued them. In the many centuries since then, monograms have been used as signatures by artists, as a mark of the aristocracy, and simply as a practical way of identifying one’s belongings. Today, monogramming could be described as personal branding—the ultimate method of customization. 

Our custom monogramming services help lend your outdoor furniture collections a unique feel by allowing your customers to lend their own personal “brand” to the items they purchase. And we don’t just offer traditional initial-style monograms—we can also personalize with short text or custom embroidered icons. Our monogramming is done in line, a method that reduces lead time, cost and complexity. And as with all our services, our expert design assistance ensures a marketable end product—plus, we can monogram almost every product we offer, with countless typefaces and a range of styles to choose from.

Want to know more about Easy Way’s monogramming capabilities? Download our monogramming information sheet