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Explore our library of educational resources, including industry white papers, products and services fact sheets and Easy Way's company brochure. 

White Papers

fabric selection white paper cover
Esthetic Matters: Important Factors in Fabric Selection

Discover how the type of textile, size of product and fabric treatment affect the selection of fabric for a textile product.

Fill material white paper cover
Foam or Fiber? A Comparison of Fill Material for Outdoor Cushioning

Learn the pros and cons of polyurethane foam and fiber fill, and how best to utilize them in your outdoor products.

Zipper white paper cover
Zip it Up! Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Zippers

See how zippers have evolved over the years, and how we can work with you to incorporate them into your next project.

Water resistance white paper cover
When It Rains, It Pours: White Paper Explores Water Resistance

Learn about the elements of water resistance as they apply to furniture covers.

Information Sheets

Furniture covers sell sheet
Custom-tailored Furniture Covers

Learn about our tailored covers and how adding them to your outdoor furniture collections can help you grow sales organically.

Business decisions sell sheet image
Data to Inform Your Business Decisions

Discover how Easy Way leverages your data to help you make informed, proactive business decisions.

Eddie Bauer sell sheet
Eddie Bauer Outdoor Assortment

Learn how we partnered with Eddie Bauer to provide an exclusive line of products to update the look of any outdoor space.

Drapery sell sheet
Indoor & Outdoor Drapery

See how we construct our drapes to give your customers more flexibility with the design of their indoor and outdoor spaces.

Monogramming sell sheet

Discover how we can give your products a unique feel by allowing your customers to personalize their items.


Capabilities brochure cover
Capabilities Brochure

Explore all the product lines, services and capabilities Easy Way Products has to offer.